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ENDORSEMENTS ***Partial List
from Elected Officials, Regional Leaders, and Neighbors Like You


Thank you for endorsing Julie for Palo Alto City Council!

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  • Anthro Magazine, Palo Alto High School Social Activism Publication 

  • Don Barr, Palo Alto resident

  • John Barton, former Palo Alto City Council Member

  • Emily Beach, Councilmember and former Mayor of Burlingame

  • Betsy Bechtel, former Palo Alto Mayor and Foothill-DeAnza Community College District Trustee

  • Josh Becker, State Senator

  • Marc Berman, State Assemblyman

  • Christine Bezsylko, Palo Alto resident

  • Jo Boaler, Palo Alto resident

  • Christine Boehm, Palo Alto resident​

  • Cory Booker, U.S. Senator (D-NJ)

  • Farah Brelvi, Palo Alto resident

  • Kris Brockmann, Palo Alto resident

  • Michael Brownrigg, Vice Mayor of Burlingame

  • Jennifer Buenrostro, Palo Alto resident

  • Owen Byrd

  • Hector Camacho, San Mateo County Board of Education Trustee

  • Julie Cardillo, Palo Alto resident

  • Melissa Baten Caswell, former PAUSD Board President and Trustee

  • Brian Chancellor, Palo Alto resident

  • Nana Chancellor, Palo Alto resident

  • Anurag Chandra

  • Susan Charles, Palo Alto resident

  • Kate Chesley

  • Nicole Chiu-Wang, Palo Alto resident

  • Rachel Cleary, Palo Alto resident

  • Fran Codispoti

  • LaDoris Cordell, former Palo Alto City Council Member Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge

  • Alison Cormack, Palo Alto City Council Member

  • Matt Cusick, Palo Alto resident

  • Shounak Dharap, Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) Board Member

  • Jennifer DiBrienza, Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) Board Member

  • Jesse Dorogusker, Palo Alto resident

  • Laura Duran, Palo Alto resident

  • Heidi Emberling, Palo Alto resident

  • The Ely Family, Palo Alto residents

  • Tom Erlich, Palo Alto resident

  • Angie Evans, Palo Alto resident

  • Lisa Forssell, Palo Alto resident

  • Hillary Freeman, former Palo Alto City Council Member

  • Liz Gardner, Palo Alto resident

  • Christine Gebet-Parikh, Palo Alto resident

  • Adrienne Germain, Palo Alto resident

  • Terri Givens

  • Giselle Hale, Mayor of Redwood City

  • Angela He 

  • Beth Heron, Palo Alto resident 

  • Linda Henigin, Palo Alto resident

  • David Hornik, Palo Alto resident

  • Pamela Hornik, Palo Alto resident

  • Janice Hough, Palo Alto resident

  • Nancy Howe, Palo Alto resident

  • Patty Irish, Palo Alto resident

  • Dianne Jenett, Palo Alto resident

  • Kristen Johnson, Palo Alto resident

  • Ash Kalra, State Assemblyman

  • Larry Klein, former Palo Alto Mayor

  • Sheryl Klein, Palo Alto resident

  • Jamaica Kreps, Palo Alto resident

  • Solina Kwan

  • Analisa Lafontant

  • Don Lee, Palo Alto resident

  • Otto Lee, Santa Clara County Supervisor

  • Steven Lee, Palo Alto resident

  • Mary Jo Levy, Palo Alto resident

  • Steve Levy, Palo Alto resident

  • Sally Lieber, former State Assembly Member

  • Debby Loftsgordon

  • Evan Low, State Assemblymember

  • Gwen Luce, Palo Alto resident

  • Heather MacDonald

  • Raven Malone

  • Elliot Margolies, Palo Alto resident

  • Charlene Scholtes Margot, Palo Alto native

  • Laura Martinez, Former Mayor East Palo Alto

  • Lynnie Melena, Palo Alto resident

  • Frances Morse

  • Dena Mossar, Former Palo Alto Mayor

  • Riley Mulcahey

  • Debbie Mytles, Palo Alto resident

  • Mary Nickel

  • Mary Pat O'Connell, Palo Alto resident

  • Scott O'Neill, Palo Alto resident

  • Laura Parmer-Lohan, San Carlos Mayor

  • Stephen Player, Palo Alto resident

  • Kristen Podulka, Palo Alto resident

  • Stefania Pomponi, Palo Alto resident

  • Marcia Pugsley, Palo Alto resident

  • Denise Clark Pope, Los Altos resident

  • Adam Price, Palo Alto resident

  • Gail Price, former PAUSD Board Member and Palo Alto City Council Member

  • Ajwang Rading

  • Lucas Ramirez, Mayor of Mountain View

  • Elaine Ray

  • Trudy Reinhardt

  • Stephen Rock

  • Diane Rolfe, Palo Alto resident

  • Sarah Sands, Palo Alto resident

  • Alice Schafer Smith, Palo Alto resident

  • Erika Schillinger, Woodside resident

  • Lauren Scholnick

  • Dr. Allan and Mary Seid, Co-Founders of Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)

  • Kaloma Smith, Palo Alto resident

  • Ollivette Smith, Menlo Park resident

  • Jane Stern, Palo Alto resident

  • Bruce Swenson, Palo Alto resident

  • Greg Tanaka, Palo Alto Council Member

  • Marc Tarpenning, Woodside resident

  • Christina Tavella, Palo Alto resident

  • Emy Thurber

  • Cindy Traum, Palo Alto resident

  • Elaine Uang, Palo Alto resident

  • Beth Wahl, Palo Alto resident

  • Mara Wallace, Palo Alto resident

  • Diana Chapman Walsh, Menlo Park resident

  • Julia Walters

  • Christine Wang, Palo Alto resident

  • Anna Waring, East Palo Alto resident

  • Judith Wasow, Palo Alto resident

  • Tom Wasow, Palo Alto resident

  • Wendy Wright, Palo Alto resident

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